Dr Dalma Péterfia

Identity for Dr Dalma Péterfia, veterinary cardiologist

Dalma is a veterinarian working mainly with dogs, specialized on heart diseases. Her identity contains logo, business card, e-mail sign and web design.

The logo is a kind, attentive dog, complemented with blue, the colour of veterinary doctors. We designed different versions of the logo for the perfect usage in big and small size, too. We used the style of the logo in the pictogram set as well.

The website has a simple menu structure and clear body with optional buttons, for providing more info, if necessary. It contains great amount of information about heart diseases, researches and surgeries. Therefore it seemed necessary to hide what irrelevant, so the user has the option to select the articles without the need of reading all. There is a simple contact page and blog as well. Image gallery and cover picture sliders are included on every subpage. We use pictograms on the website to separate and visualize special diseases and treatments.