Sweet City – Premium Pastry Delivery

branding design

Sweet City is a Hungarian startup. They are the first in Europe to deliver specialties of premium patisseries to homes. And with that, creating an unforgettable celebration experience for dessert enthusiasts in Budapest, and now in Vienna too. It’s possible by offering a selection of pastries, beverages and party accessories crafted by local chefs and creators.

Sweet City is a parallel world – a mirror image of Budapest made of sweets. It’s a city fragrant with desserts, where houses are decorated with muffin domes, sports arenas are towering multi-story cakes, and chocolate fountains flow in the parks. In Sweet City, the best patisseries and wineries of Budapest operate, where professional pastry chefs and winemakers work all day to supply Budapest with the finest delicacies.

The elements of the branding represent a part of a fictional Sweet City. The logo serves as the city’s coat of arms. The additional graphic elements combine the ornamentation of early 20th-century architecture with the creamy decorations of cakes. The illustrative world depicts the city itself and its diligent residents who strive to deliver delicious pastries to customers as soon as possible.

  • Client \ Édes Város
  • Project Manager \ Nóra Katona
  • Art direction \ Halisten Studio
  • Graphic design \ János Kőrös
  • Illustration \ Barbara Bernát, Gergő Gilicze
  • UX UI \ Diána Dezső
  • Web development \ Viktor Kassai
  • Photos \ Dorina Balsay