Kiskanál Kommandó book

Branding and book for a complementary feeding advisory

The Kiskanál Kommandó is an advisory about healthy and safe nutritioning for children under the age of three. The name of the brand means ‘Little Spoon Commando’, this could be an important detail to understand the logo. The idea of the project comes from Rebeka Lukasz dietetic. She experienced the difficulties of getting trustworthy information about complementary feeding, while raising her own son. Everyone gives different tips, which often contradict each other. Most parents use the internet to get knowledge, but unfortunately, it is full of misleading information about the topic, which can be very dangerous for children. Rebeka wants to help solve these problems with her project. She collected the most frequent questions about complementary feeding in the book, and gave useful and practical responses to them.

The mascot of the brand is the well-meaning, lovable bear, who is wearing an apple cap, and holding a big yellow spoon. He symbolizes health, the readiness to act, and the support for both parents and children. The style of the graphics, the fonts and the colours are all serving the easy and fast intelligibility, and amiability.