Prezent gift shop

Sustainable shop branding

Prezent is a cute little shop in Budapest, right next to the River Danube and near Buda Castle. They are selling sustainable goods such as Hungarian designer clothes, bags, green gifts and delicacies. They want to raise awareness of the importance of a sustainable future, selecting the products with the most possible care. The name ‘Prezent’ also reflects that philosophy, suggesting to stay present by making conscious decisions, protect your environment,  don’t wait for others to take care of the future of the planet. We designed the shop branding according to that.

The logo is based on the shape of a dandelion, since it is often associated with the protection of nature and the usage of renewable energy. Most of the branding elements are made following this line of thinking. The logo can be used as a stamp for the gift bags or business cards, which is cheaper and more eco-friendly solution.

We designed a map to help tourists find the location of the shop. It also serves as a nice little gift, reminding the customers of Budapest, its sights, and the experience they had at Prezent. The eco-friendly risograph print is made by RisoPlant. We also designed the tourist map of Székesfehérvár, take a look at it.

  • Client \ Prezent Budapest
  • Art direction  \ Halisten Studio
  • Graphic design  \ Barbara Bernát
  • Photography  \ Richárd Kelemen, Barbara Bernát