Gyulai Pálinka

spirit label design series

Gyulai Pálinka manufactures high quality traditional Hungarian spirits since the 18th century. We created labels for the limited edition series. This is the top category of the brand.

The theme of the spirit labels orbits around hedonism, luxury, and high life in the rococo era. It reflects on the founder Baron Harruckern’s historic period. We tried to capture the fun side of consuming pálinka. Therefore we created a sort of vivid fantasy world of exuberant life. Besides this, all labels feature the fruits that the flavors are made of. They are an organic part of the illustration, often having more to their meaning, or taking shapes of something else. The label family constantly expands with new flavors. The bottles are available in two sizes, 0.35l & 0.05l. If you like this project, check out our Monyo Brewery beer branding.

Thanks for the assignment to Péter Berki.

  • Client \ Gyulai Pálinka
  • Art direction \ Halisten Stúdió
  • Spirit label illustration \ Barbara Bernát
  • Spirit label layout and typography \ János Kőrös
  • Photography \ Richárd Kelemen, Barbara Bernát, János Kőrös