Enter Bar

bar branding and wall graphics

Enter Bar is a new geek pub in the heart of Budapest, for which we had the opportunity to do the branding work. The bar is open for a wide audience. It doesn’t only welcome hardcore gamers, but ones who like to play console or board games, or just want to have a beer after work. The visual elements of the bar connects to the gamer and geek world. Retro pixel games and characters from the 80s-90s, which are now massive part of pop culture, appear everywhere, often as a gag.​​​​​​​

The other visuals consist of the logo and it’s variations for the graphic elements, and pixel illustrations for the murals and menu. The clean vector emblems and simple typography serve as a calm environment for the fun pixel icons and decorations.

The logo is inspired by the visual character of the old arcade machines. The name comes from the ‘enter key’ but is also an inviting word for the guests. The little sign on the door embodies both of these aspects. The shape of the door and the little stars outline a ‘play’ button.

One of the most spectacular elements of the branding work is the pixel mural. All the characters and objects are selected very carefully. The whole illustration is full of hidden details and symbols. The figures hang out in a pub, just like the real-life guests, so it makes us feel like we are spending time with old friends. Prepare for nostalgia, nineties kids!

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  • Client \ Enter Bar
  • Branding art direction \ Halisten Stúdió
  • Pixel illustrations \ Barbara Bernát, Gergő Gilicze
  • Print materials & hand lettering \ János Kőrös
  • Photography assistance \ Richárd Kelemen
  • Interior design \ Kata Benke, Nóra Méhes​​​​​​​