Viacom phone room

Video library wall graphics

We designed the wall graphics of Viacom Global Hungary for a new phone room in their office. We had to create a hand-drawn video library, using the main colour scheme of Viacom.

The shelves have some labels on them, just like “films I don’t understand” or “films I’ve seen more than 10 times”, etc. They all contain videotapes with blank labels, so the colleagues can fill them with their favourite titles in each section.  You can also find some movie references hidden in the designs.

We used a hand-drawn style to create a playful atmosphere. The workers can have a space in the office building which is not so corporate looking. The design is printed on an applicable wallpaper, the blank tapes can be filled in with permanent markers, by each worker.

Thanks to Daniel Kabai for the assignment!

  • Client \ Viacom Global Hungary
  • Art direction \ Halisten Studio
  • Colouring \ Barbara Bernát
  • Lineart \ János Kőrös
  • The guy speaking on the phone \ Gergő Gilicze